Bringing organizations together to do their best work.


It’s personal.

I’m Brie. I started this project to stick up for people who, like me, want to do great work and prefer leaning on others to get there. Throughout my life and career, I have benefited from working alongside people who have cultivated that spirit and built incredible teams around it.

The most important thing I learned extends far beyond the skills required to get great work done. It is how meaningful it is to look back on something you created and think, “I had no idea I could do that.” And, how much gratitude it engenders for the people who helped along the way.

I’ve never been a founder or a manager, and I don’t aspire to be, but I do want to build and create and grow things I’m proud of with people that care about those things, too. I believe there are lots of us in lots of corners of lots of organizations itching for the same thing.

Lately, I’ve been doing little more than reading, thinking, and writing on the topic of how organizations can work together to help each other find that feeling more often.


It’s a start.

I am lucky to live in a time where people share their ideas on the internet, largely for free, so anyone can learn. I’m also lucky to have found many people who were willing, even enthusiastic, to let me talk about this stuff with them ad nauseam (also largely for free). I am perhaps the luckiest to have been afforded the opportunity to spend this very strange year, stuck at home, diving in on this curiosity with abandon.

What you’ll read here is what I’ve learned so far. It’s a work-in-progress and always will be.

I hope you like it and I hope it’s useful but, above all else, I hope it helps more people find more pride and satisfaction in their work.

I’m willing to be called overly-optimistic, but I think there is massive upside in linking arms and inching even a little bit closer to that place together.

Stick Around.

It’ll be fun. And we’ll learn a lot, too.

Have any questions? Reach out here.