Not sure where to start? This guide can help.

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Finding the right zine

Each issue contains an extensive collection of coordination mechanisms organizations rely on to get the work done. Use the filters to help you decide where to dive in.

Filter by the TOPIC you’d like to explore

  • The Organization
  • The Work
  • The People
  • Communication + Collaboration

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TOPIC filter descriptions

  • The organization: the foundations that everyone at your company works from
  • The work: the work your company produces
  • The people: the people that comprise your company
  • Communication and collaboration: how people interact to get the work done

Filter by the BENEFIT you’d like to bring more of to your organization

  • Values + Standards
  • Trust + Execution
  • Knowledge + Context
  • Joy + Connection

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BENEFIT filter descriptions

  • Values + Standards: internalizing the company’s beliefs and expectations
  • Trust + Execution: upholding values and standards in the run of work
  • Knowledge + Context: operating with more crossfunctional awareness
  • Joy + Connection: infusing work relationships with spirit and meaning

Filter by the ROLE you play in your organization.

  • Company Leader
  • Crossfunctional Influencer
  • Subject-Matter Expert / Team Lead
  • Operator

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ROLE filter descriptions

  • Company Leader: has direct influence over the direction of the company and what appears on the company stage
  • Crossfunctional Influencer: makes decisions across multiple teams or functional groups
  • Subject-Matter Expert/Team Lead: has strong command of a specific topic and/or leads a functional group
  • Caring contributor: has a strong grasp on company values and standards and wants to contribute to building a system that upholds them