More from The Kool-Aid Factory


This website is one part of a larger project with the mission to bring organizations together to do their best work. Here’s what else I’m working on.

Note: I’m still learning a lot about what things are most useful. If you have any ideas about which things on this list I should do more or less of, I hope you’ll share them!

[Coming Soon] Publishing more zines

vote here on which issue you would like to read next.

A template gallery

to help you get going quickly on Figma here and Google docs here.

A bookshelf

of reads to consider here.

Workshops and facilitated discussions

for those who are using these coordination mechanism, or considering them, at their organizations.

Helping a small handful of companies

to implement the tactics I advocate for. If you’d like to be one, send me a note!

[Coming Soon] More musings on culture-building

The content here is largely based on normative observations of what companies do. I’ll explore tough questions and take more opinionated stances in a (paid Substack) newsletter starting soon.

Tweeting up a storm

duh. Follow along, wontcha? It’ll be fun.